A rough guide to the buying process

A week by week guide of the buying process. As soon as your offer is accepted by the Seller the following arrangements should be made.

Week 1

  • Solicitors to be instructed
  • Pay for Local search (if required)
  • Mortgage application to be completed
  • Pay for Survey (if required)

Week 2

  • Surveyor instructed by Mortgage Lender and Mortgage Valuation carried out.

Week 3

  • Your Solicitor should have received the draft contract by now and have commenced the various searches.
  • Survey Report should have been sent to you from your Mortgage Lender.

Week 4-5

  • Your Solicitor should now be in receipt of the Local Search
  • Your Solicitor should be in the process of raising further enquiries by now if not already done so.
  • You should be in receipt of the Mortgage offer (if applicable).

Week 6-8

  • Your Solicitor should have had replies to most of/ all of their enquiries.
  • You Solicitor should arrange for you to sign the contract and provide the deposit in CLEARED FUNDS if a deposit is required.
  • EXCHANGE OF CONTRACTS and COMPLETION (moving) date fixed.